So you finally found your dream car. For most people, just putting down cash is not the best or most sensible option. Even if you have sufficient funds available, emptying your savings account may not be your best option. As such, you will turn to exploring financing options. Before you become mired in the vast array of choices and confusing jargon, consider pursuing your financing with us.

We offer competitive financing rates, with several options available. Our knowledgeable and experienced financing professionals are here to guide you through every step. We are here to answer any questions you may have. With us, you do not need to fear fine print and unrecognizable legalese – our financing experts will outline everything in clear terms

Our streamlined application and approval process ensures that you get your financing quickly and without hassle. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your loan to be approved and for the paperwork to come through, you could be driving off in your new car that very same day.

Available to you is a range of rates and terms so that you can obtain the financing arrangement that is most suitable to your lifestyle and financial position. Our professionals will listen to you and go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met. We periodically offer discounts and special programs, so be sure to ask our representative to tell you about those.

Together with our financing program, we offer the inclusion of items such as extended warranties, extra rust protection, alarm systems and insurance options. If you are interested in obtaining any of these, they can be included in your financing. Talk to our professionals to find out which options are best for you.

At Trillium Car Loans, financing is available to you on great terms, with many options to choose from. Our financing experts will be there for you every step of the way and will do everything to make sure you are happy with your contract.